Machine Shop

Our team of experienced machinists are equipped to handle almost any type of engineering component & offer a 24hr 7 day a week call out service.

Our modern & extensive machine shop offers a full range of services including Large capacity machining, CNC machining & Lineboring.

Our services include:

  • Centre Lathes
    • 6m between centres
    • 940mm diameter swing over bed
    • 720mm diameter swing over saddle
    • 1260mm diameter swing over gap
    • 5100kg maximum job weight
  • CNC Lathe
    • 3m between centres
    • 610mm diameter swing over bed
    • 300mm diameter swing over saddle
    • 105mm diameter spindle bore
  • CNC 3-Axis Machine Centre
    • 1200kg Maximum weight on Table
    • 1300mm Travel along the X Axis
    • 710mm Travel along the Y axis
    • 710mm travel along the Z axis
  • Vertical Borer
    • 3000mm machineable diameter
    • 2200mm chuck diameter
    • 1800mm maximum height
    • 3000kg maximum job weight
  • Horizontal Borer
    • 1250mm long traverse
    • 1250mm cross traverse
    • 1120mm vertical traverse
    • 3000kg maximum job weight
    • 900mm spindle travel
  • Milling/Planer Milling
    • 5800mm long traverse
    • 1300mm cross traverse
    • 1120mm vertical traverse
    • 4900mm X 1280mm table size
  • Other Services
    • Specialized site fitting
    • Cad Design & Drafting facilities